Phallosan Praised on Televised in Germany

Because this recording is in german, I have transcribed the audio below and added subtitles to the video.



  • Now we come to a clinical study in which particularly courageous test patients have participated. 24 in total and all of them men. Ewald Feurerstein made himself and his “best friend” available for the experiment also.
  • At the market hospital in Frankfurt, Germany, Ewald Feurersteins penis was extended with the aid of a special belt system.
  • Penis Enlargement entirely without surgery. Love-play between Alice and Ewald Feurerstein is now blossoming again after 28 years of marriage. Until recently it was a completely different story.
  • Due to a prostate disease the 59-year-old man was taking strong medication. The aftereffect, penis and craving for sex got smaller.

[Ewald Speaking]

  • I wanted to remain a man, or recover my old virility; that’s why I was so keen to do it.  First of all because of myself and for the sake of my masculinity.  On the other hand I’m happily married, why should I go without “it”?


  • Ewald Feurerstein wanted to take action: he registered for the first clinical study of penis enlargement in Frankfurt.
  • The new miracle device is called Phallosan. It shall make surgery superfluous in only six months and the average of 14cm among German men are increased by several centimeters.
  • Urologist Prof. Dr. Michael Sohn is convinced:

[Doctor Michael Sohn Speaking]

  • Ultimately, like a condom he wears. and the purpose of the condom is to exert pressure on the erectile tissue. What we didn’t know until now is if it can really have a long-term effect.
  • It is like that: results have been shown, a measurable lengthening of the penis after six months of wear by an average of 2cm in the case of study participants. Wether the increase remains after therapy is not yet researched.


  • But according to the inventor, the vacuum method helps the stronger sex to arouse their masculinity. It is also suitable for men who have undergone prostate surgery and want to return to a normal married life.

[Unidentified Speaker - Possibly Inventor of the Vacuum Method]

  • It is also suitable for a man who suffers from penis curvature. and because according to our own records we have successfully treated over 680 patients already without surgery.


  • 10 hours a day Ewald Feurerstein wears the stretching belt. Although the dispatch worker will not disclose how many centimeters he has gained, the amorous look in his eyes speaks for itself.

[Wife Speaking]

  • You also notice that erections are stiffer and sexual pleasure is enhanced.


  • Almost better than on our honeymoon.


  • The stretching belt costs €199 money that Eugene would gladly invest again at any time to prolong the experience of second youth inside the Feurerstein household.


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