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December 19th, 2014
Sinclair Endow is a penis pump intended for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but it can be used by anyone who wants to improve the quality of their erection and sexual health. Comes with two pumps, a trigger pump, and a battery powered pump. I have used it, and recommend it for guys who aren't looking to enlarge their penis, but instead want a larger and higher quality erection.

Sinclair Endow is a great pump for guys who want to temporarily increase girth- but more importantly this pump is intended to provide some relief for erectile dysfunction.  Sinclair makes a lot of sex aides and toys, and have been providing pumps and sex toys since 1991.  As of the writing of this review, they only produce one penis pump (the Endow).

What Comes With the Endow System?

  • 1 Manual Trigger Pump (w/ quick release valve)
  • 1 Battery Powered Pump (w/ quick release valve)
  • 10 x 2 inch cylinder (10in length, 2in diameter- girth)
  • Removable / Washable Sleeve
  • Plastic Tubing
  • 4 Constriction Rings

The snap mechanism on the pumps tubing, and cylinder are interchangeable with many other popular cylinders, making the system semi-upgradable if you should choose to try ball pumping, or would like a thicker tube for extreme girth pumping. That is one benefit afforded to the Endow system that most of the water pumping systems(like bathmate or penomet) do not offer.

What's Good and Bad about this Pump?

This pump is great for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but not the best pump if your goal is to increase the size of your penis long term.  I personally love the tube, and the battery powered pump stops suction at the right pressure.  Thats good for preventing any damage to your penis- however the manual pump lacks any type of gauge or pressure reading.  For more serious pumpers who pump for long periods of time, this will be a negative- but for the average guy who wants to improve his sex life, a gauge is not needed.

The pumping sleeve (aka gasket) is made of silicone, and should only be used with water based lubricants. (no silicone based lubes). The constriction rings are made of TPR Jelly, and can be used to hold the pumped erection for up to 30 minutes for sex, masturbation, or some penis enlargement exercises.  4 AA batteries are required for the automatic pump motor, which gives this pump an ongoing expense of about 5 bucks per 40 full pumps. Not bad, but I still count this as a negative.

The cylinder can be easily rinsed off and cleaned because the measurement markings are engraved in the plastic.  Some cheaper pumps put a sticker on the cylinder, and over time it washes off.  The only piece that isn't water friendly for cleaning is the battery operated pump, so overall its a pretty friendly system for use and cleaning.

My Personal Experience with the Endow Pump

I tried out the Endow pump strictly because I was getting tired of always pumping in the bathtub or shower (I generally use water based pumps).  The suction is strong with both the manual and automatic pumps, and to my surprise I actually liked the automatic pump better.  It takes about two minutes for it to give me a full erection, and this might be psychological but it seems easier to get an erection with you know you aren't doing the pumping.  Its kinda like an air based blowjob.

My favorite thing about Endow was the constriction rings.  You get four with the package, sized 2.25", 2.5", 2.75", 3" diameter.  They have little hand grips on the side (see picture) which makes them a LOT easier to put on and take off compares to a regular cock ring you can buy on amazon.  Since the tube is smaller in diameter than most pumps, you get no testicle grabbing (when your balls get halfway sucked into the tube, which hurts like hell). The TPR Jelly Gasket is thick and stretchy, that makes it easy to get an air tight seal without a lot of position shifting or applied pressure.

The cylinder is marked in inches, and its clear and easy to read.  After pumping, I left the cylinder on my penis with the cock ring for 30 minutes (the recommended maximum) to see if I would gain any temporary length.  I did gain about half an inch from being so engorged, and thats obviously good for sex- but it's not permanent. It made me larger girth wise than I would be with a natural erection.  I didn't experience any water retention or painful lumps from using it, but I also stayed within the recommended 30 minute timeframe for use.

Overall its a great pump, and despite not being able to be used under water, its clean and simple to use. Gives a good pump, and would be great for someone young like myself (early 30s) or someone older who just wants to stay hard for the duration of sex.

Pictures of What's Inside the Packaging

Warranty and Guarantee Information

Sinclair Institute guarantees against any defective parts or products, and offers a no questions asked return policy for the first 90 days.  You can return any Sinclair Institute sexual health products within 90 days for a refund or exchange of an equally priced product.  After the 90 days has lapsed, you can still return but are only given a store credit.  A completely reasonable policy in my opinion.


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