REAL SizeGenetics Before & After Pictures w/ Testimonials

Here are a few of the folks who claimed their free sizegenetics device by taking before and after photos of the progress they made.  I am also including the testimonials they submitted so you can get a feel for who these people are.  Most people who use this device do it to get a bigger penis to please someone they love, but a couple of these also show how huge you can get if you are starting with a large penis and stick to the program.

After you check these out head on over to my SizeGenetics Review.  My reviews are unbiased, and I use sizegenetics myself so I know what sucks about it and whats great about it.  I also list some codes to save you money; or if you're ready to start enlarging now you can use the link below to save $50 dollars on the deluxe package.

ME (Greg)

My name is Gregory Lancaster, and I wanted to enlarge my penis for my girlfriend (now she is my fiance!) so I could give her more pleasure in bed.  Always thought my size was about average until I did some research on penis size.  Did my research, and stuck to wearing the device 6 hours per day minimum.  I now measure one inch bigger (now 1.1in bigger) and I am very happy with my decision to order. I got my device for FREE because I showed the company my before and after pictures. It was a complete win for me.


Homer - SizeGenetics - BeforeHomer - SizeGenetics - After

This guys name is Homer, he is 60 years old. Always thought he was average sized until he did some research, and wanted to increase his size. Here is his testimonial, same one he provided with these pictures.

Homer - Testimonial SizeGenetics



Joe - Before SizeGeneticsJoe - After SizeGenetics


Joe used pills in the past with no results, and was skeptical about trying the sizegenetics system. Been using it four months, gained 1.5 inches as you can see in the picture above. Here is Joe's testimonial;

Joe Testimonial on SizeGenetics



Mikey Erect Before - SizeGeneticsMikey Erect After - SizeGenetics

Mikey stated he was skeptical about the device too, but gave it a try. (Why is everyone so skeptical of this device?) He started at 4.8in erect, and after his routine of four months he now measures 5.5in.  He states in his testimonial that it takes time and patience for you to see results, and I agree.  Its exactly what I shared in my Pro and Con list.  Here is a picture of his testimonial;

Mikey Testimonial for SizeGenetics


Richard - Erect Length BeforeRichard - Girth Before SizeGenetics

Richard Erect Length After SizeGeneticsRichard Erect Girth After SizeGenetics

Richard is the best example of what you can get if you stay dedicated and use it as directed. He went from 6.9in erect length to 8.7in erect length, and increased his girth as well from 5.4in girth to 6.0in girth.  This is an example of going from average to adult firm star level in only months of using it for 8 hours a day.  Here is his testimonial as written to the company;

Richard Testimonial SizeGenetics



SizeGenetics Start Today

I will add more before and after photos as I receive them. Several of these came from the SizeGenetics Free Extender promotion where they give you a free extender in trade for your before and after photos.  These results are really close to the outcomes they got while doing clinical trials.

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