Free SizeGenetics Device Promotion - THE TRUTH

SizeGenetics runs an ongoing offer for testimonial pictures proving you enlarged your penis using their device. There is no catch, other than you have to actually use the extender and gain over one inch in size. Take before and after pictures for them to use on the website, and give them permission for the world to see your penis.

You are not required to include your face or anything identifying in the photos, just buy your extender from them, and record your progress. I am coming up on 6 months now and I have grown more than enough to warrant a refund for my pictures.

The pictures they have currently are from customers, and all show a gain between 1.8 to 2.5 inches. I don't expect they will be to excited about giving a refund to people who only use it for a month and show half an inch gains. They want people who are dedicated for a period of time, so I am pretty sure they will like mine.



The primary reason more men haven't take advantage of this offer is most guys don't take a before photo. So if you plan to get your money back too, then take a before photo with a measuring tape and a newspaper in the background showing the date. That's what I did so there is absolutely no question about whether its real or not.

Official Requirements

The picture has to be erect, and flaccid, both with a measuring tape showing your before size. To be safe take 3-5 pictures before, just to ensure they are clear and you covered all your bases.  Then start wearing the extender device EVERYDAY, and once you grow an inch or more take your after pictures the same way.  They guarantee that if you have your before and after photos both with measurements clearly visible, they will give you the full 350 dollars cash back for the free promo.

PRO Tip: Buy the deluxe edition package, If you are serious about growing your penis then you might as well get as much money as possible while using the best system they have. It makes no sense to buy the basic edition and then struggle to use it if you are gonna claim this reward anyway.

I reached my goal, I want that 350 bucks now please...

If you already reached your goal and have a before picture, you can reach the support team at They will verify your photos, and issue you the refund.  Note: This offer is only valid if you purchased the extender from SizeGenetics directly, not from a third party or used.

You can use the link below to get started today. I encourage you to post on our forum with your before pictures, they wont go anywhere and other people can share in your progress.



    1. Thats the guarantee. They want more proof to show other guys who are skeptical I guess, so it's a pretty sweet deal if you know you will be dedicated and stick to it.

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