SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions

I am writing this to cover a lot of common questions I see online on forums, questions I get asked personally, and some issues I personally faced. If you have more questions you would like added comment on the bottom of this page.

- I will provide answers to all questions posted here, and if one is particularly popular I will add it to this FAQ.

This advice does not constitute medical advice guys. I am not a doctor, and while I have a lot of experience in this area, it does not qualify me to provide any medical grade assistance.

Can I Pee While Wearing The Extender

Absolutely NOT. Do not urinate while you have your penis head strapped into the extender. You will damage your penis. This is not a maybe, or some of the time. This will happen everytime. DO NOT URINATE while wearing any extender.  The extenders straps wrap around your penis head, and when tightened will clamp down on your urethra as well.  This is not painful at all, but obviously trying to pee with a pinched off urethra is going to produce a lot of pain.  Always remove the straps before using the bathroom.


How Long Can I (or Should I) Wear SizeGenetics?

Given the rest time between each two hour period of 15 minutes, and a 12 hour day, you can wear the extender for a total of 10 hours 30 minutes per day. The longer you wear the extender the faster you will see results, but you have to remain patient.  In the documentary "The Perfect Penis" they interview a man who is opting for the surgical route. The doctor informs him the only route to enlarge your penis is to wear an extender, whether you get surgery or not you will wear one. Then he says, and I quote;

"You need to wear this penis extender for at least 8 hours everyday for 3 months to see results.  If you come see me, and tell me you wore the extender for 7 hours I would say 'well you just wasted 7 hours of your time'".  

I hope that sheds some light on how important it is to wear an extender for the eight hours recommended by the manufacturers, and by doctors who perform penis enlargement surgery.  I see a lot of people spend their hard earned money on the best extender, and then a week later say why don't I have results I wore it for 4 hours per day.  That is not how cell division works, it happens over 3-4 months and requires at least 8 hours per day of tension to produce results. A great rule is to expect one inch for every 1000 hours you wear the device, this has proven true for me. So squeeze those hours in, the results will come if you follow these guidelines.

SizeGenetics Chart Progress

How Far Should I Stretch w/ the Extender

I havent seen this question in to many places, but its one I figured out on my own.  You want to stretch your penis in the extender so its about a half inch to a full inch longer than your erect size. This is a good rule of thumb to maximize your growth. You always wear the extender while you are flaccid, I am not telling you to wear the extender while you are erect.

The easiest way to gauge this is to measure your erect size, and then once flaccid again pull your penis out from your body and measure out past one inch (half an inch if you are a beginner or in your first month of use).  Then attach the extender, remeasure and add the rods as needed until you reach the right pull.


  1. First I would like to say great site and info. I wear it .5 larger than my penis . My penis is right at 7inch. but it pulls against my head and smooch it as i wear the extender, is it normal?

    1. Its normal for your penis head to shrink a lot while wearing the extender, yes. If you feel it pulling on your head to much, try using the strap or a combination of the comfort materials. They def help!

  2. Hello there I have a question. If it takes 8 hours a day for 3 months to wear the extender to see results than for how many hours or recommended minutes does you use to see the identical results using the Bath Mate penis pump?

    Every 1000 hours equals one inch growth using the extender so how many hours do you require using the Bath Mate product to achieve the same one inch growth in your penis?

    Please be as specific as possible. You can brake it down per minute per day times the number if days equals a total.

    Thank you.

    1. That is really hard to say man, sizegenetics is built specifically to work on length alone. Its like comparing how long it would take you to get a buff chest from doing only arm curls. The Bathmate works on girth like a champ, but length gains are not it's strong point. I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you here, but they are two different devices that focus on two different aspects of penis enlargement.

      The Bathmate does work on length as well, but only as a side effect of how it works to improve girth. I got pretty fast results from sizegenetics, over an inch so far man so I def recommend it to you, or check out the Male Edge if you are kinda strapped for cash. Its a little less expensive. Go for SG if you can though, even if you just order the basic package, that way you have the strap and the noose as a choice.

  3. Hello, I have a question. I just received the size genetcis and have been using it going on a month. My starting size is 7 1/2 BP length and 5.75 girth. I only ordered the basic package, and recently I was able to add the last 1/2 inch rod, which takes the length to 8 inches, i can only hold it for 1hr and a half, before its too much. My question is do I need to order more rods, and would my size increase if I didnt extended it to 8 inches, and kept it at 7 1/2?

    1. Hey RP- You will need more rods, but congrats on sticking with it man. Your size will increase, if adding the extra bar was to much then lower the tension on 8in, or use 7.5in and slowly extend the tension bars until you are more comfortable wearing it. You can see what I mean here.

      Hope that helps man!

  4. The other question I have is that is it realistic to believe that I can really gain three inches in length in a year..? Im 7 1/2, and that would put me at around 10 1/2..I do the stretches and jelqing as well, but, didnt know how realistic 3 inches in a year would be in length.? I would like to gain an inch in girth..and was also wondering if that was possible..? and as Im able to stretch my flaccid length more and more, does that mean the cells are making room for growth..?

    1. RP- Damn dude I missed all these comments. Sorry dude-

      It is realistic to believe you can grow your penis, but how much really depends on how consistent you are with wearing the extender.

  5. Hello, I was wondering how do I order more extension rods, and another comfort strap. I only ordered the basic setup...?I was also wondering if the optimal length that I set if it is hard at first, then it starts to become easier, does that mean that I'm growing, and the cells are dividing..?

  6. Hello, i just received more rods like you had said. My question is that Ive been wearing it .5 past, but to go any further, Im not able to stretch that far when I add another 1/2 rod..? Does that mean i have to keep it at the .5 max, or is there another way to get a farther stretch..?

    1. hey RP- This is exactly what the tension rods are used for! First put on as many rods as you feel comfortable wearing. Then put on the penis extender like normal, and once its fully attached you TURN the octagon shaped rods on either side of your penis. This will slowly extend your penis more without adding additional rods.

      Check out this tutorial I wrote on it.

  7. Hello, its been a month now..and Ive gained far Ive went from 7.5 length to 7.75 length, and I ve only been able to wear it for about 40 hours per week. Ive just been able to add more rods, and right now my current stretch is at around 8.4, 8.5 length...Ive never been able to stretch it that far before. Being able to stretch it this far, does that mean it will be able to grow to 8.5 length eventually..? Another question was how much girth can I expect, i read some testimonials, and I saw that the average girth gained was around .5 to .7..can I expect any girth gains while doing the program..?

  8. hello my questions was that i have my extender 10 mm past my full stretched flaccid and it shows and shows 2 lines on octodigon bar but i can only wear for 3 hours a day will i see gains ??/

    1. Try using plastic wrap, wrapping it around your penis head where the noose attaches. It will reduce discomfort and if it does slip off you will feel much less pain. You can also try doing a good jelqing session before putting sizegenetics on. That will help a lot with friction and how comfortable it is.

  9. I had the extender for some time now but I can't seem to wear it more than two hours it's really frustrating because I know the product works but I can't wear it for long

    1. Hey Peter - Dude I had the same problem. I threw my first extender away (it was some cheap pos from ebay). What brand are you using? If its sizegenetics, then have you followed the beginners routine?

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