SizeGenetics Ultimate Edition review:I saw my first 1in in length thanks to SizeGenetics back in 2004. It's a dinosaur, but it works...

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Sizegenetics is the extender I personally use 5 days a week. It works, I have gotten about 1.2 inches so far using it for 6 months time. Great warranty, great packaging, and they back their product 100%. I put my stamp of approval on this extender, rated number one by me.

I have been using sizegenetics for over a year now, and since along the way lots of guys have commented asking some really smart questions (most of them are smart, anyway), and while this has made my review page immensely more helpful – its not much use to anyone if its not easily accessible.So here are the best questions and answers that I think are more relevant to someone debating on using a penis extender:

Thanks to the people who encouraged me in the comments to stick with it, and to the people who took the time to ask questions here. It’s hard to find good information online about penis enlargement. (SOO MUCH SPAM) Keep asking, I’ll answer from my experience the best I can. Greg

Jump To: My REAL SizeGenetics Pictures | My PERSONAL Before & After Photos

Benefits of Using SizeGenetics Long Term

These are the official claims made by the company. Putting them as a checklist to show the benefits I personally experienced vs what I was told I would experience. Lets go;

  • Correct Penile Curvature (Check)
  • Grow 1-3 Inches in Length (Check)
  • Increase Girth (Check)
  • Improve Self-Confidence (Check)
  • Free Extender for Before & After Photos (Check)

Why I went with sizegenetics

I chose SizeGenetics because it is one of the most trusted penis enlargement devices on the market. They have been in business for 16 years, and in that time they have been endorsed by medical doctors, plastic surgeons, and earned their place as a CE-certified Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Device. That’s important to note, because few other penis extender brands are medically certified. For those who don’t know, a medical device certificate is issued for specific devices that have been approved for use in physical therapy, surgery, and treatment in specific medical procedures.  An artificial heart also is classified as a medical device. (CE is a 3rd party, independent organization devoted to identifying quality medical devices.)

After my first six months of use…

SizeGenetics is the best investment I made in myself in years. It works, I can hide it under my clothes, and is way more comfortable (and wearable) than the two generic extenders I bought off ebay. After wearing it for one month I saw a small increase of 1cm. At three months I was 2.2cm longer which is almost a full inch bigger than before. I am at seven months now, and I am just over 4cm in growth, about 1.1 inches bigger.

Penis Calculator

Erect Size:

Months used:

I don’t wear it on weekends because I live with my girlfriend, but otherwise I keep it on 8 hours per day. It’s pretty comfortable overall. Its a safe way to enlarge your penis length. For girth its not the best thing out there, my girth only improved after doing exercises. Otherwise its been a useful tool to improve my confidence and ability to go deep in my girlfriend.

SizeGenetics Results / Before & After Photos

You can view more results from real people on the before and after page, dedicated only to SizeGenetics results. This one however is my personal before and after picture from wearing sizegenetics for 6 months.  My results are one full inch in length growth! I am still wearing the extender, and will continue to post updates as I gain more length. I saw my first 0.25 in length after the three month mark. The rest came fairly gradually.  I apologize for the branding on the picture, but these are my personal photos and I want to avoid anyone stealing them.

Visit SizeGenetics

Comfort Level & Traction

SizeGenetics uses MDA Technology coupled with their patented 16-way comfort system. For someone who has never used a penis extender before, its going to feel a little awkward at first, and this cant really be avoided, but using the pads, and double harness definitely makes it a lot more comfortable. The difference here is the ability to use either the rubber tube, or the wider silicone strap in combination with padding and gauze. This keeps your penis warm, comfortable, free from pinching and pain, and most importantly stretched.

A common problem with penis extenders is “slippage”. Thats when you are wearing the device, and due to the traction coupled with your stretched penis, the head slips out from the noose. Instead SizeGenetics offers the option to use the wider strap OR the noose method, which allows you to choose the best way to eliminate slippage for you. It’s not perfect, but its much better than cheaper alternatives.

Packaging and Extender Quality

The packing and extender is beautifully put together. If Apple was in the penis enlargement business the packaging would look the same. It comes in a leather case with everything plastic wrapped, all very sanitary. Everything fits into its own foam placeholder for safe keeping, and when the case is closed up you can lock it to keep out prying eyes. I thought the lock and key was a nice touch, most people probably wont need it, but this is something you buy for yourself, to improve yourself and because its personal, adding the ability to lock it up was pretty cool idea. A travel case is also included – dont wear it through a metal detector lest you want to explain why your crotch is setting off alarms.

Penile Straightening

SizeGenetics is an effective penis straightening device as well, and has been recommended by doctors for Peyronie’s Disease for years. Bent penis, or an exaggerated curving to the left or right, can be remedied in a few months. Wearing this to even out curves or angles will at the same time increase your length, so its a win-win situation. The training and guides for penis enlargement are also applicable for penile straightening, so no separate instructions are included for this specific purpose.

SizeGenetics Penile Straightening

Penis Health Exercises & Training

PenisHealth DVD- You'll want to make use of the jelqing training and use it with my SizeGenetics + Jelqing guideThey also throw in some training DVDs, a PenisHealth membership (actually a really great value), and some penis fitness ebooks that basically train you to do kegels and how to keep blood flow consistent. Manual penis enlargement has been around for a long time, the benefit of this device is to make your penis enlargement passive.  You cant have your pants down all day doing pulling exercises, which is where penis extenders come in.

For those who are skeptical if non-surgical penis enhancement really works (and you dont believe the before and after photos), there was an article published by the Daily Mail about its effectiveness. You can check it out here.

A little more depth with the PenisHealth Membership – its often viewed as a cheap “add-on”, and not utilized fully. The PenisHealth DVD and Online Site gives you over 34 exercises to improve your erections, improve blood flow, and improve sexual stammina. They aren’t quick little tips either, they put some time into this, more than 200 real photos and 100 videos, detailing step by step how to do the exercises.

They aren’t important just to improve blood flow and stammina either- I think these are essential when you are wearing a penis extender for long periods of time.  You have to keep fresh blood and oxygen flowing to the cells in your penis so you get results fast. The EXTREMELY Useful Cream and Powder (You want to make this stuff last as long as possible)

Traction Powder & Ultimate Package

The traction powder they offer as a free bonus for people who commit to getting bigger and order SizeGenetics Ultimate Package. Remember earlier we talked about slippage?  This is another way to avoid that hassle, its basically a powder that creates more friction for the straps to grip onto.  You powder your manhood before using your extender for the day. The Ultimate Package also comes with cleaning wipes, and aftercare moisturizer. The moisturizer and power are obviously things you can buy from the drug store, but its a nice bonus for convenience purposes, and it keeps my girlfriend from using up all my lotion since its specifically labeled.

Shipping & Delivery

Like most offers online today, they offer free shipping and discreet delivery in a plain box. They have offices in Oregon, if you are in America you wont have to wait six weeks for customs and slow USPS delivery.  If you are outside of the states shipping does not take six weeks, you’ll get it much faster.

Guarantee & Warranty Review

SizeGenetics offers a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee. Its a legit guarantee, and it says if you dont see any growth in six months of using SizeGenetics they will give you a complete refund. That is completely fair, you want a larger penis and they have the tool you need to achieve your goal. They guarantee you if you use what they have, you will see results and if you dont they will give you back your money.  Based on their before and after pictures I’m confident nobody is asking for their money back.

Product Support, Community and Motivation

The biggest aspects to self improvement is support, motivation, and belief. To stay motivated to put this on every morning before work, you need to have a reason for wanting it.  You need to see other people doing it, and believe that over two to three months you will see growth.  If you dont have a support system, you’ll start to skip days wearing it, and soon it will become another thing you bought and put away in the closet.

For this reason I encourage you to check out our forum. After you order, say hello and share your goals with us.  Take your measurements and a before picture to keep in your profile, and start looking at other peoples progress. Read and ask questions, and start with manual penis enlargement today to get a feel for it.  Growing your penis from 5in to 7in requires a personal commitment of time and effort. Commit now, and in 6 months you will look at yourself differently- your confidence will be 10x what it is today.

Learn More about SizeGenetics @ The Official Website

(heads up- their site autoplays a video LOUDLY)

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this is a good extender. I use it myself, only half inch growth so far but i have only been using it for 1.5 months for 4 hours a day. Dont really get any slippage using just the silicone tube gripper, it would be nice if there way a way to use the wider strap and the tube at the same time though

michael mystery

do you have better before and after result proofs? i like to try this out, but i must buy basic model because of price. but i need to know if basic model also give good results. please reply me


HI I checked out the web page. I’ve been thinking about geting the size genetics extender. I would like to gain about 1 inch in length. im 7.5 in. long and 5.5 in. around now and would like to get to 8 or 8.5 in long.

I was wondering a few things

1. is it a 1 size fits all thing ? do i order by my cock size im kinda thick

2 how long do you use it for daily? 1 or 2 hrs or longer

3 can you wear it under jeans with out showing to much


HI I received the device yesterday. (it only took 2 days to get here). I watched the DVD on how to wear it and was so excited I boned up and had problems fitting into it. lol After I calmed down I found the noose was the best fit for me. (I’ve been vac. pumping my cock for years and found the sizegenetics device comfortable to wear) I was able to wear it for 2 hours with no problems at a low tension. Today I’ve had it on for 1 hr so far at a low tension just to get use to the feel of it pulling me. I’m on my way. 🙂


Hi, Ive been wearing this device the same way you have with the foam around the end peice and the strap since the noose was way to painful for me even when strapped on lightly. I read on one of your reviews that We should wear the device with a stretch of 1cm longer than our erect length? Like if I was 14 cm erect, I would wear the extender 15 cm flaccid? Is this correct? Wouldn’t that be too painful? It gets hard to put on the extender with the extra screws even when its erect. Plus if I use the right amount of screws, I won’t be able to stretch it out further than 13.5 cm. Can you help me out please? Thank you! 🙂


so far im only wearing it 3 to 4 hours a day. i have been able to go out wearing it in shorts and jeans with no problems (at a lower tension) i take a break about every 45 min to make sure the blood is flowing but im having problems with the comfort of the straps around my still trying the different straps and configurations. im also trying to keep the full tension on for as long as i can.( that may be part of my comfort problem) its more comfortable with less tension but you need the tension to grow so you do what you can. hopefully i’ll be wearing it longer each day as it gets more comfortable. i’ll keep you updated on how its going.


Hey greg, I ordered mine from the usa site. I ordered my sizegenetics ultimate extender package. I did not receive a printable receipt on the site after the purchase, nor have i received one in my email as the site stated as of yet and am extremely concerned. I ordered it yesterday on may 8th. What do you think?


Hi Greg. I’d like to ask a question, if I can. Going straight up, the thing is: I’ve got a normal size penis, it’s 5,6 inches long when erect, and somewhere around 5 inches in girth when erect. I guess the flaccid size doesn’t really matter unless I can’t put the extender on, but that’s not a problem for my though. Anyways, me and my GF are having a pretty good relationship, the sex isn’t all that bad, when i asked her about my size she said honestly to me “It’s really good, but slightly bigger one would be perfect” She didn’t define the size of a perfect one, but I would aim for two inches. Is that possible to make a 5,6 when erect penis a 7,6 long one with this extender? I mean, it is said that it can enlarge the penis up to 3 inches, but the clinical studies proved the enlargement only of 1in. I would like to know your opinion. Thanks in advice!


Hey Greg. My penis curves up when it’s erect. (Like a banana, lol) Can using Size Genetics help to straighten it out so that it points straight out when it’s erect?

Daniel Adetunji

Hi Gregory,

I really like your honesty…. This is the most detailed sizgenetics review I’ve ever read



Day #2 Just got my extender and Penomet. Wish me luck!

Question: The Penomet is a little heavy. Does anyone else have problem wearing it “hands free”?


can you use the device while you sleep?


Hey Greg I was wondering if this could cause any negative side effects or is it full proof?


I am about 6.5 hard. Do you go by the length of the extender to determin hard size. I’m stretching to about 6.5. Will my hard on get bigger or do I need to stretch higher than my hard on


Congrats Greg! Is it just me or have your grown!!!!! I am jealous! The updated pic looks great!


Your pictures look like your penis lost a good bit of grith, any way to prevent that? And tension rods don’t keep tension, the springs must be to strong because it just stretches out easy. Will my bird grow even if the springs are just to high?


I think…it looks great! I think the girth looks the same.


I’m using the x4 lab, it seems to be the same? Any difference in your opinion?


I actually only use the silicone tube, I find that the head of my penis gets really cold like there is no circulation going to it, I’m also doing excises along with it and taking Virgx plus. If im luckey ill get three hours of ise along With one or two excires .I’m thinking about trying a work out supplement that I have read gives very well blood flow down there. I wish it was a over night process aha


Any tips on being able to hide it while you wear it throughout the day? Is it ok to wear at night while sleeping? I just got mine, and all the tips and advice would help greatly! I don’t know if either of these have been asked cuz you’ve already been asked quite a bit of things. Lol


Hello, can this device be worn while sleeping for 8 hours rather than during any waking hours, so that you can have the recommended hours done while asleep? thanks in advance


Great job on posting your pics Greg!


LOL….the pics were fine. I am not as dedicated as you are wearing the extender. I have stuck to my plan in the evenings after I get off of work. I am adjusting and learning. Thanks for asking.


Greg a quick question about this product. More of a phrase and correct me if I am wrong. So you give yourself a boner, slip everything on and strap it in staying hard, is that it? Are there torque bars to stretch it out past that? How far is too far?


Ok… pics are organized, now let the results begin! LOL

I want results!


Hey Greg,
What way do you wear the extender? Which attachment works best for you as long as wear time?


Thank you for your response Greg! This is the first extender I have been contemplating to buy. I have one last question, I know the best deal comes from the ultimate package but seeing the price is a bit steep for me, unfortunately ill need to buy the lowest package set for $199. Is there a difference in the extenders themselves? I know the higher grade packages offer parts and other items but just looking at the extender, are they different from package to package?


Thanks so much Greg!! I had read that comment yesterday and the only reason why I questioned it is because there is a ton of websites out there and this one particular one was saying the tension you get out of the smaller packages is not the same for each package. I think they were referring to the amount of bars you get to extend with. Amazing how wording can change everything


hi could you please contact me via email greg.. need alittle help unrelated to your website 🙂



I just wanna kno if it will hurt me… like as in, negative long term effects


Hey Greg, did you make an instructional video on how to put on and use SizeGenetics yet?


Hey Greg,
I got the ultimate package yesterday and tried the extender today. The instructional DVD apparently doesn’t work on Macs, so I watched some youtube videos to figure out the assembly, but I’m still stuck on knowing if I have it extended the right amount. I use the silicon noose but it’s kind of uncomfortable and hard to wear with clothes on since the extra noose length sticks out. I’d like to use the comfort strap but it doesn’t seem tight enough for me and I get some slippage. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Hey, I m new to sizegenetic but I m thinking of getting one soon enough, and my erect Penis is 5 1/2 and I want to grow at list to 7 in erec, and I have used vigrx plus before which helped me but I want to gain much faster nd I decide to combine vigrx plus nd the sizegenetic nd some jelqing. Do you think I can get quicker gain plus if its comfortable I m aiming to wear it for 10 or more hours would that cause any problem? And also what should I do if I get erect while wearing the extender? Thanks for your help


Hey….I cant get into the forum….I tried to register and no go! Help!


Hey Greg… I would like to say thank you for having a legit blog with your own actual experience with sizegentics. I purchased the extender a while ago but lost motivation. Now I visit your blog once week for motivation.

All in all, I remember you mentioning that 1 inch is attainable for every 1000 hrs. Ideally .. because of my work schedule and type of work, I can only commit 5hrs Mon-Fri
and 8hrs Sat-Sun. I measure 6.5 inches erect …but goal is to gain 2 inches more or 3 lol. Is this goal reachable ? My aim is for 8.5 inches ! In need of feedback ASAP ! And I’m also thinking about purchasing the Penomet too ..

Chinag Njoku

Is it suitable for a 48-yr old like me?


Any new pictures on your progress Greg?


I cant wait for the new site. I will be there. I have been gaining some girth. I think a little length. I am pretty happy so far and just trying to be patient. I cant wait for the new area!


Hey Greg. Great resource you’ve created here, buddy. How do we see some of your Vimeo tutorials?


Hey I started wearing sizegenetics February 1 2014. I did tons of research on the product and I felt confident it would work. I wear the device for 3-5 hours a day usually, some days longer, usually 6 days per week. I am a personal trainer so I work full days and am very active so this is about as much as I can do and I never really help or do manual exercise. However, it has been nearly 4 months I have no noticeable gains as of yet. I’m starting to lose hope. Should I continue to be patient?


Hey there I’ve been using over a year seen gains. I need spare parts for my size genetic kit I bought last year. Recently I’ve tried ordering twice form SG in the uk and both time the carrier DHL said because SG did not send fda info they couldn’t ship to me. So can I get spare parts here in the US without problems.
Thanks buddy


Hey thanks for the fast response. I just want to clarify something’s. Like I said I have done countless research and I have seen studies of participants wearing the device for only 4 hours a day and getting results. Also if it is just 1000 hours for every inch why does it NEED to be on 8 hours a day? A few other concerns I have are am I supposed to set the device one full inch above erect size or do i put it in then adjust the tension until it is one full inch above my erect size ( because that hurts like hell lol). Finally, should I be taking days off or wearing it every single day?


Hey thanks for the fast response. I still have a few questions. Am I supposed to set the device one inch longer than my erect size or adjust the tension rods until I am stretched one inch past my erect size ( because that hurts like hell). Also I have read studies that people wore the device for 4 hours a day and although it took longer they still received results. If it is just every 1000 hours equals one inch why do I need to wear it 8 hours per day. Also should I be taking days off or wearing it every single day.


Sorry for the double post my phone is being a little dick no pun intended. One more quick question is it okay to wear the device flaccid because I am a bit too girthy with even a semi to keep it snug


Could you also give me some tips on how to make it more comfortable to wear? I still haven’t found a way that allows me to wear it for 2 hours continuously and comfortable.


I would like to know if any uncut guy has succeded and what devices that SG provide to hold the skin back.


I got the sizegenetics and don’t where to start? I read that you are suppose to stretch yourself out then add a cm what do you do after that? and also the tension rods don’t tell you how much tension your using they just spin is there a way to fix that.and should I start off with bars or without? and how do you know when to add them.


Nice photo tricks, if you look at the left side of those pictures your just scooting yourself closer to the counter. God i hate people like you. Paid by this scamming company, ill be surprised if this comment even makes it on this page/


Hey Greg first off let me thank you for sharing all of this information. What I’d like to know is, in your results pictures are you flaccid in all your pics, erect in all of your pics, or both?
Sorry if this is a question that you have already answered, I didn’t read all of the Q&A’s.
Also I intend to use the device in conjuction with a penis pump and pills. Is this something that you’d recommend or not? If you do recommend this, are there any pumps and pills that you can suggest for good positive results?

Thanks for your time.


Hi Greg,

I am Shivkumar, 31 years old and I am from India.

My question is does sizegentics extender works as I am 31 years old?

I want to buy sizegentics ultimate, please guide me regarding custom duties.

How long it takes to get delivered to India?

Please reply me ONLY ON MAIL.

Thank & Regards,