Is SizeGenetics a Scam or Legit?

1. a dishonest scheme; a fraud.
2. to cheat; defraud.

I felt it necessary to define what a scam actually is before writing my opinion here. SizeGenetics is not a dishonest scheme, or a fraud. Penis extenders were proven effective back in 2008 by the University of Turin in Italy. All the official findings, including the documented gains in length are available in depth here (link to my simplified version of the report), as well as in the British Journal of Urology. The official (and lengthy) clinical trial results are available here.

The problem with penis enlargement

With that said, realize that using a penis extender is not for the undisciplined man who wants a magic pill.  There is no magic pill, and wearing a device designed to extend the length of your penis does have an adjustment period.  The first time I wore one a few years back I was NOT happy, and I gave up pretty quickly.  I told myself they are a scam and don't work- bla bla bla I'm sure you've done the same thing with something, at some point in your life.  Last year though I decided to give it another shot, and actually stick to it this time around- and I did.

What happened to me

I started wearing the extender near the end of 2012, and wore it everyday except for weekends, for 10 months.  My starting size was 5.4 inches erect, which by the way is near what is considered normal in some Asian countries.  Three months in I started seeing minor length increases.  At six months in I measured 6.6 inches. It was pretty surprising at around four months, to see that it was actually working.  It kinda pissed me off that I didn't stick to wearing it previously, but I can't change the past so whatever.

July 2013 I reached 7.4 inches in length, which was my goal of two inches in length.  That sounds so good to be true, and like another promo from a guy who is trying to sell you this specific brand extender, but its not and Ill prove it to you.  First, I documented my growth with pictures and a ruler I taped to my kitchen counter.  Pictures are here.

Second, I am here telling you that SizeGenetics is NOT the holy grail of penis enlargement.  The report I referenced earlier does not prove ONLY SizeGenetics works, it proves ALL PENIS EXTENDERS WORK.   So if spending $400 dollars on SizeGenetics is too expensive, then DON'T.  All that matters is you buy an extender that is COMFORTABLE and a CE-Certified Medical Type 1 Device.  That ensures that;

  1. You dont have any pinching, scraping, twisting, or any type of discomfort while wearing the extender.    AND
  2. That the device has been approved for medical use by a medical institute.

I covered all this stuff already in my review here but incase you don't feel like reading that information- If you decide to go down this path of male enhancement, you need to be confident while the extender is on your penis.  It can't fall off at work, it cant cause itching, uncomfortable rubbing, or any pain.  If it does, you will realize pretty fast that wearing the extender is a real pain in the ass- and that will become your excuse for not following through with your goals.  I recommend SizeGenetics because I know it's comfortable- but there are alternatives out there that don't cause much discomfort.

How to protect yourself from scams

Again, I already covered a lot of this in the review I wrote. However since most guys wont read to far into my website Ill summarize- You gotta read the fine print guys.  SizeGenetics has a money back guarantee, but its not no strings attached.  You have to document your LACK OF SUCCESS to get a refund, and most guys just aren't disciplined enough to even document the basic day to day routine.  Take a before picture, and log your routine and progress to show what you have been doing everyday.  Then, after six months if you want a refund you wont have any issues with customer support.

I provide a beginners routine, that will take a newbie up to 1k hours of extending. (See the 1k Hours per Inch Rule).  I also created a cool member area for guys to enter daily or weekly journal entries tracking length, girth, hours worn, progress pictures, and all that good stuff.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make use of it, especially if you are a skeptic like I am.

A scam to the undisciplined and unmotivated

I felt this title is well suited for a closing.  Seriously, ask yourself these questions before you decide to go all in.

  1. Do I really have an issue with the size of my penis?
  2. Does the size of my penis present an issue for my sexual partner(s)?
  3. Do I have a history of sticking to my goals to the very end?
  4. Can I spare 15-20 minutes every morning before work to put on the extender?
  5. Do I have the privacy at work remove it while using the restroom?
  6. Am I prepared to take on a new daily routine for the next 8-10 months of my life?

Unless you answered yes to those questions, then I can guarantee you will end up saying SizeGenetics is a scam.  I know because I said penis extenders were a bigass scam until I actually found the resolve to stick to my goals.  If you answered yes to all six questions above, then I think you have a damn good shot at gaining length and some girth by following one of my routines.

As a guy who gained a full two inches in length, while being engaged to a woman who I felt was constantly "being nice" about my penis size - it feels amazing to see her smile bigger at the sight of my manhood.  It feels like I'm on cloud9, so for me it was worth it.  Remember though, if you aren't a guy who matches the criteria above, then a penis extender is NOT for you.

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