Special $50 Off SizeGenetics Ultimate System

I have worked out a deal where I can issue you back $50 from the price of the SizeGenetics Ultimate System. Heres how it works;

  1. Buy SizeGenetics Ultimate from My Review Page (It's important you buy from my page so I can verify your order)
  2. Use The Coupon Code ECON8 (this is your first $50 dollars off)

How To Use Coupon for SG

  1. Mark down your Order ID and Confirmation Number (I will need this to get your discount issued back to you)
  2. Forward me your Order Confirmation Email at: SpecialOffer (at) AveragePenisSize (dot) com
  3. Three weeks after the date of your order I will send you back your additional $50 dollars via PayPal.

Are You Really The Only Place To Save $100?

Yep! This offer is exclusive to AveragePenisSize.com because I am personally issuing the PayPal refund to you guys. I appreciate you using my website, and when you buy from anyone online they earn a small commission for it. I am sending you back that money back.

The normal price of the system is about 400 dollars, but when you order it through my website the Ultimate System will only cost you around $300 dollars.  So if you want to get going today, go ahead and order the Ultimate edition now.order-today

All your personal information is kept private, and will never be shared.

All information is deleted after three week waiting period.

Im a regular guy like you, if you have any questions you can ask me.

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