STOP Premature Ejaculation- NO B.S. Treatments That WORK

Stopping Premature Ejaculation FastPremature Ejaculation is an extremely common problem experienced by men for over a thousand years. There are a lot of suspected causes for rapid ejaculation, most of which have their roots in childhood.  I have always been the guy who girls liked, but after they slept with me they were less than impressed with my performance.  Felt like I was always cumming to fast, and it was really stressful because I wanted to give the girl sex she could brag to her friends about.  I bought a lot of ebooks and googled a lot online, and most of what I read was a waste of my money and time.

I tried almost everything I found, most of it was rubbish.  The techniques that worked for me and for other guys (based on my friends feedback and experiences as well as research I did online) are listed below.  I know a lot of guys sell books on this, but I think this should be free to everyone.  Almost every guy needs better ejaculation control.

Remember! No one techniques is a "sure shot", although most people will find the breathing and desensitization techniques most helpful.


Tools to Control Premature Ejaculation

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques have been talked about a lot, but I don't think most people understand why breathing techniques even exist or how they are supposed to help you last longer in bed.  Breathing slowly, usually counting to ten while inhaling, ensures you are getting enough oxygen to your brain, and relaxes your body.  Premature ejaculation if often caused by nervousness (often unnoticed) or over-thinking just before or during the beginning of sex. Because of this nervousness you'll notice your heart rate goes up and your breathing becomes erratic or shallow. At this point you have already lost control, you have an erection and before you know it you have already released all that nervous energy in the form of ejaculate.

Personally I used to get the shallow breathing issue, and when I first tried to correct it I would overcompensate and end up winded and breaking deeply like an idiot. There are several breathing techniques you can practice that will help you to refocus your attention, and regain control of your energy.


Physical Desensitization

Physical Desensitization is one of the easier techniques, and involves practicing different stroking patterns while in the shower or bath. A lot of guys, myself included, have a very sensitive penis head - usually from being uncut - and after penetration they need to slow down or put movement on pause until the feeling of "losing it" subsides.  Often after that feeling subsides, it only takes two or three strokes to be right back at that point of no return. This issue can be handled effectively with physical desensitization techniques or using a stamina building sex toy.

Sometimes the massaging and stroking techniques can be hard to perform, especially because they require the ability to massage through what is often times extreme sensitivity. For those guys, the stamina toy works great because rather than using your hands you can use your hips to thrust.


Desensitization Creams & Lotions

This one is a little sketchy I admit, but there are some products out there that I have tried and found effective.  Most of the guys reading this wont benefit from most over the counter numbing creams found at the local sex shop.  They usually have a very mild numbing agent in them, which isn't effective once wet.  Selecting a good desensitization cream is a important, primarily because if you choose a crappy product it's going to numb the inside of your ladys vagina.  You want something that is quick drying, potent, and soaks into your skin rather than something that sits on top of it.

I recommend the creams only as a short term solution while you work on building your physical resistance and improve your breathing techniques.  They are great if you want to be a stud on that one special night, but long term they are a crutch that should be avoided.


Kegel Exercises

Kegels do more than just improve stamina, they give you harder erections as well. They are hit and miss treatment for pe but because they are so easily implemented into anyone's daily routine, they are an excellent exercise to practice "just because".  There is a bit of a learning curve to these as well, since most people think clenching their anus along with their penis muscle is the same as a kegel - it is not.  Ill show you some exercises to isolate the kegel muscle, so you are able to exercise ejaculatory control by clenching only the kegel muscle - completely separate from the anus clench, which most people believe to be the same muscle.


Male Enhancement Pills

I have tried a lot of enhancement pills that claim to make anyone last longer in bed, and honestly they are all lies. There are a couple of prescription medications that can and do effectively prolong ejaculation, but those drugs are not a cure for premature ejaculation- and neither are any male enhancement pills.  That's not to say they don't have a place though, some are good for harder erections and increased sexual desire.  Those aren't directly related to lasting longer in bed, but having a higher sex drive coupled with harder erections can motivate a guy to find a treatment for PE, so he can have better sex.

So while these should not be looked at as a primary, or even secondary treatment for premature ejaculation, they are useful for improving the quality of sex you can share with your woman.



  1. Hey Gregory, are you still updating our site? Most of your blog posts are from early to mid 2013. So what is happening?

    1. Hey Tommy- Yea I am still around. I have been visiting family a lot for some personal stuff. Still answer questions though, and once I am back home I plan to post some good new information. 🙂 Thanks for asking dude.

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