Personal Lubricants - The Best and Worst Lubricants for PE

Choosing a personal lubricant to use consistently is somewhat important in PE.  

You want to avoid a situation where its time for your daily routine, and you're out of lube - so you pickup some cheap crap from the local convenience store and wind up with a rash. Happened to me - and I don't have sensitive skin.  

You also want the confidence in knowing how quickly you can cleanup, because a day will come when you need to wrap things up in a hurry.  Lets get right into it, since this is a pretty straight-forward topic.

Lubricants to Avoid

If you're new to jelqing, you may be temped to start right away without using the proper lube.  Most newbies will substitute with soap, shampoo or conditioner.  DO NOT DO THIS.  

The primary purpose of these products is to strip essentials oils from your skin and hair.  Using them will cause a rash and irritating itching that can develop into a severe bumpy rash.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Body Wash
  • Soap
  • Any product designed for cleaning

Recommended Lubricants

So long as you are using a product branded as a personal lubricant, you will avoid any skin irritation or injury.  For those who want some recommendations before making a purchase, here is a list of the best lubricants you can use for Jelqing.  

The recommended application column list these lubes as "shower", "waterless", and "bath".  This just means the lube can be used in the shower, in the bath, or cannot be used with any additional water (waterless).

Lubricant NameBase IngredientRecommended ApplicationProsCons
Bad Dragon Cum LubeWaterWaterless Only High Viscosity. Virtually Eliminates Friction. Sticky when dry, Availability.  Messy.
PjurCyclopentasiloxane (Silicone)Shower, Bath, or Waterless Easy Cleanup. Skin Conditioning. High Viscosity. Waterproof. Over $10.00
AstroGlideWaterWaterless Only Easy Cleanup. High Viscosity. Availability.
KY JellyWaterWaterless Only Easy Cleanup. None.
Coconut OilNatural OilsShower, Bath, or WaterlessSkin Conditioning. All Natural. Low Viscosity. Availability. Price.
Baby OilNatural OilsWaterless Only Skin Conditioning. Low Viscosity. Scented.
VaselinePetroleum JellyShower, Bath, or Waterless High Viscosity. Waterproof. Time Consuming Cleanup.

All of these lubes will get the job done, some just produce less friction than others - and friction is what you want to minimize when performing any penis enlargement exercise.

Highest Recommended

I recommend Pjur lube first if you can afford it.  It works great, feels semi-frictionless, and conditions your skin so its silky smooth.  A little bit goes a long way too, unlike most of the water based lubes.  Only down side is the price tag, over 10 bucks on amazon.

If you aren't willing and able to spend over 10 bucks, Astroglide is my second recommendation, it's water based and works well. It dries up quickly though, so you will find yourself buying additional bottles sooner than you expected.

A Personal Recommendation

The first one on the list I highly recommend you try.  My girlfriend found this stuff when shopping for a "unique" sex toy, and ordered it.  I have re-ordered once a month like clockwork.  I use it for jelqing, but also masturbate with it religiously.  It is the smoothest, most friction free feeling you can get.  Heads up though, it's also the messiest lube you can buy.

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