How To Perform the Mandingo Stretch- 3 Easy Steps with Pictures

This stretch is a cool one, and has a "one inch in one month" guarantee by the guy who thought it up.  I personally use it and agree it's a highly affective stretch, but this isn't for newbies.

"The Mandingo Stretch will give you at least one inch in length within one month - Guaranteed" -BlueWhale

The Mandingo Stretch focuses on bringing out the "elusive inner penis", aka the tunica which goes from inside your body out to the tip of your dick.  With the leverage you get from this exercise, you can feel the tugging force all the way up to your anus.  caution-risks

This is an exercise for men who have been stretching their penis using the basic stretch and v-stretch for 3 months daily.  Even you dedicated guys need to exercise caution when performing this penis enlargement technique.

I am not responsible for any damage done to your penis while performing any of the exercises I share with you. 

That being said, this is the most effective penis stretch for fast AND long term length gains.  I recommend using baby powder, or traction powder for the best possible on your penis head.

Performing The Mandingo Stretch

Step 1:  While standing, grasp your penis just under the head (palm down) using an OKAY grip.

Step 2: Rotate your hand so your palm is now facing upwards.  Your penis shaft should be against the top of your fingers, near your knuckles.

(your penis will be slightly "twisted" in this position, this is good and allows for increased leverage force.)

Step 3: Roll your wrist upwards, while keeping your grip on your penis head and keeping your shaft against the top of your fingers.  You should not be moving any part of your arm, only your wrist.

Mandingo Stretch - Step 1 Step 1- Grip Glands
Mandingo Stretch - Step 2 Step 2 & 3- Twist to palm up position.

How It Feels When Executed Correctly

  • While moving your wrist upwards you will feel a strong pull in your inner penis (inside your body), as well as tension on the shaft of your penis. 
  • The part of your penis nearest to your butthole should feel hard.  Place two fingers on your perineum (area between your butthole and balls) before stretching. During stretch you should feel the inner penis located here tensing up and becoming hard.
  • This exercise is painful- however the pain will be isolated to the inner penis tugging pain felt in your perineum and penis shaft.


  1. If you have a penis that is to long to perform this stretch on your knuckles, wrap a t-shirt around your hand to create padding for more length.
  2. If you don't feel the tugging and tension with your two fingers, you are performing the exercise incorrectly.



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