The Phallosan Forte Mobile App

The guys behind the Phallosan Forte (SwissSana Anstalt) just released a mobile smart phone app for iPhone and iPad.  It's used to track your progress, and schedule stretching times so you don't forget.  

Complete with push notifications, I think it's incredibly useful. Particularly if you aren't big on using the Calendar app for scheduling this of this nature.

Phallosan is primarily used for lengthening the penis, so this is what the application is geared towards tracking. Here are a couple screenshots of the application:

Also included are tips and tricks for getting the most out of the phallosan.  Whether you already own and use the Phallosan or not, downloading the app is free to all and a good way to get more involved in your personal development.  

Personally, I would like to see all aggregated results from all their customers.  That would prove motivating, inspirational, and would provide a great support net newbies.  This is day one of their applications release, I expect the app will only get better with every new user.

So join the rest of us if you havent downloaded it yet.  

You can find it here!

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