Sleeping with Phallosan - 4 Smart Ideas For Night Stretching

The instructions included with phallosan specify the strap is to be worn around the waist, and that's the extent of the included instructions.  After a couple of months (daily and nightly use), I began testing different ways to improve the quality of stretch I was getting.

This resulted in more efficient techniques to maximize tension, and improve the quality and thoroughness of my stretch- from the same time investment.

These techniques work well for me, however I recommend doing your own field testing, in your own bed, to ensure they work for you as well.  I have four pieces of advice id like to share, and I'll start with my favorite (and most useful to me):

Try different (vertical) stretching directions

If you only wear phallosan around your waist, your stretching range is limited - and that limits your potential for growth.  To stretch the tunica effectively you need vertical and horizontal tension.  

This means stretching up towards your shoulders, and down towards the heels of your feet.  This can be accomplished by wearing the foam rubber ring around one of your feet.  

If you sleep all wacked out like I do, try attaching it to your upper arm / shoulder area.  Alternatively, if you sleep alone, and have no history of falling out of bed - attaching the ring to a bed post or mattress is also an option.

After a month of alternating stretch angles I measured an increase of 1cm.

Greg (Me)

I had been wearing the phallosan nightly around my waist for two months with no measurable improvement before trying vertical stretching.  So, start with the standard waist wrap method, but when you feel you've hit a glass ceiling, try switching to vertical tension.

Get it wet, but just the tip

I began applying a drop of lubricant to the tip of my penis before attaching the bell and condom sleeve.  This prevents air from reaching the bell, and causing suction loss.  

This occurs after several hours of stretching, when blood flow begins to diminish and penis shrinkage sets in. I add a bit of lube inside the condom sleeve as well if I plan to stretch for 5+ hours in one session.

Before I began applying the dab of lube I would sometimes wakeup with the bell detached, and no idea how I stretched before it detached. This little tip has allowed me to wakeup with the bell still attached to my penis head, and a much larger and longer flaccid hang.

A warm penis is a big penis

So after wearing this stretcher for about a week I determined that without heat, sooner or later I would be waking up with a phallic block of ice and no dick attached to my body.  I realized I needed an external source of heat after moving out of California - however this tip applies to everyone regardless of your climate.  Heat improves blood flow, and oxygen rich blood is essential to every type of growth.

First I tried the Thermacare heat wraps that last for 8 hours. Those wraps work great- sleep with one wrapped around your shaft, along with the phallosan doing the stretching and you'll wake up with a long flaccid hang.  Unfortunately those heat wraps cost 10 bucks, and seeing as how I am not Bill Gates...

Now I make use of a "modified" willy warmer, or a small powered heating pad.  I recommend the heating pad only if you live in a colder climate and you could use the extra body heat anyway.  For the rest of you, pickup a warm scarf (alpaca scarves are the warmest) or a willy warmer. (I highly recommend the elephant warmer pictured - it is hilarious)

Good, good, good, good vibrations...

This tip is easy, buy yourself fingertip massager.  I bought this one for 8 bucks.  Keep it on your nightstand, and before you sleep put it on your finger.  This will speed up restoring blood flow to your penis ten-fold.  Shit, before I learned these existed, I was pressing my phone against my dick and sending myself text messages.

Joking, but I did have to remove the phallosan and jerk off for a couple of minutes, only to put it right back on again. Now when I wakeup to get a drink or whatever, I press my finger where I need it and enjoy the vibrations until I have an erection.  This idea helped save my patience with the daily process, and I think it will help save yours too.

I hope this mini-guide helps you realize your pe goals faster.  I am reachable via the comments if you have any suggestions, or if you want to share your own piece of advice please do it.  For those who have not read my review of phallosan, you can read that here.

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