Wearing SizeGenetics at Night While Sleeping- Best Practice

sleeping-guide-sizegeneticsTechnically you can wear your extender at night, but I highly recommend against wearing it all night long. Sleeping with SizeGenetics on is a smart idea, rather than using it at work, you can easily just use it passively. But, You need to restore blood flow on a semi-regular basis while wearing any extender and this is impossible while you are sleeping. Additionally while you sleep your body gets random erections, and whether your using the comfort strap or the silicone tubing – both will cut off circulation to the head of your penis if you get an erection and aren’t conscious to loosen it up.

This is an extremely common question, and extending while you sleep is a good idea if there was a way to prevent damage to the penis and to prevent any rolling or movement while your asleep. I have even tried sleeping wearing sizegenetics, and its not a good idea or comfortable at all unless you do it properly.

I roll around a lot in my sleep; fell asleep on my stomach with the extender pointing up towards my belly button. Rolled over onto my back and with a partial erection its pointing straight up to the ceiling. Then, I rolled back over – and I woke up pretty damn quick to a lot of pain.

Wear your extender in 2-3 hours increments throughout the day. Sleeping with it on can knock out half your daytime routine, but it requires a some knowledge of your sleeping habits and patience.

If you plan to wear the extender at night, use caution follow these steps;

  1. Wear a sock over your penis in the extender to keep your penis warm.
  2. Set an alarm to wake you up every two hours- and every alarm you must take off the extender, give yourself a partial erection and do 5-10 three second jelqs before putting the extender back on and returning to bed.
  3. Wear elastic bottom pajamas, or some type of elastic to hold the extender up against your body -NOT pointed down. Those nighttime erections will happen, and you don’t want to have a strong erection being forced to point straight to your feet.
  4. Make sure you are using the comfort straps, not the tubes for night time use. The comfort straps distribute the friction more evenly on the penis for a safer stretch.

I believe following these precautions will ensure you don’t have any issues wearing SizeGenetics at night – but even following these tips I still recommend only wearing the extender for 4 hours at night MAXIMUM. That means four hours at night, and four hours during the day. That will allow you enough time to get a good sleep, and limit the daytime use to a very reasonable time.

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