Making Use of the FREE MyPenomet Measurement Journal

mypenomet-brandMyPenoemt is an online growth tracking system the company offers for FREE to everyone, regardless of what product you use. You can create a free account at and enter your starting measurements. There is no upsell or catch to using the tool, just enter your email address, choose a username, and you can begin using the tracking system.

"Most of us keep track of our growth using an excel sheet and a ruler, thats how I kept track of my length gains in the beginning. But it became more and more confusing every week, and hard to really visually gauge the progress I was making when all I had was numbers plotted in different cells."  -Greg

MyPenomet Tracks Length & Girth

After logging in you are presented with an almost completely blank page, where you can click enter measurement.  Once your first measurement has been entered, the software generates line graphs showing your length and girth gains over time. It's a simple system, but extremely useful- especially for use with penis extenders.

You can use either Inches or Centimeters for tracking, and change the unit of measurement in real time. The software uses the most common BPEL and MSEG measurement standards, and assuming all users understand how to measure by these standards, they will have a very accurate database of how effective Penomet is over time.


Length and Girth are plotted in separate charts, and all dated entries into the journal are kept above the charts. You can see an example of what the MyPenomet journal look like after several entries in the screenshot below, or you can login to my public test account;

Login: MrAverage

Password: pass1234

How do I Measure Using BPEL and MSEG?

BPEL stands for Bone Pressed Erect Length, and it's a standard of measuring that required a ruler or be pressed against your pubic bone, at the top base of your penile shaft. You press the ruler, or measuring tape, against your body.  This is done because some guys have more fat in their pelvic area, and if those guys lose weight it will skew the results they see. BPEL is the standard for measuring penis length across the board from clinical studies, to penis enlargement forums.

MSEG is one that isn't heard to frequently, it stands for Middle Shaft Erect Girth.  This is used to standardize where all guys are measuring their girth increases from, to keep everyone's measurements standardized. Having a thicker penis after pumping is normal, but only measure MSEG while fully erect to ensure accurate measurements.

Chart Forum Signature Links

If you are a regular on any penis enlargement forums, you can embed a live size tracker in the signature line to show off your progress.  The code renders a chart exactly like the one below, which has been rendered from the account above;

Currently, this widget is pretty ugly and needs some work, but it gets the job done and is an easy way to show other people what you are using, and how close to your goals you are.

Use MyPenomet With Any Device You Own

I highly recommend using MyPenomet with any penis enlargement device you are making use of, be it an extender, air based vacuum pump, or just manual exercises.  It's a free way to store your results in the cloud, so you will never lose your progress logs. Seeing your results plotted out on a graph is nice, and a good way to stay motivated. You can even enter back dated results, so if you have your own progress log in excel or google docs, transferring it all over is simple.  It's a completely win for me, I have been using MyPenomet to track my length and girth gains since it came out.

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