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December 19th, 2014
x4 Labs makes a great extender. It's a little expensive but really high quality, and it comes with more spare parts and extra accessories than any other brand. The packaging is cheaper, cardboard and plastic - but again, they provide a lot more in actual parts. This one is a close call, but they have a great track record for support and refunds so thats something to consider.

The x4 Labs penis extender is manufactured in North America, and is also ranked number one in popularity in America. The company is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and proudly share their enthusiasm for medical research and development in penis enlargement science.  x4 Labs devices are also CE-certified as a Type 1 Medical Penis Enlargement Device. This means they have no side-effects, and are used in therapy, surgery, and other medical practices - accordingly.  A certified medical device can be many different things, from a tongue depressor to an artificial heart. x4 Labs products are also FDA approved and clinically tested by world renowned doctors, all of which are referenced on their website.

They don't offer any real before and after photos, and while this isn't as exciting as looking at real results, they do offer real customer testimonials.  If that isn't enough, they have their own member forum dedicated to answering questions, and sharing results (and some members have shared their before and after pictures there).  x4 has one of the coolest penis enlargement calculators out there, and I know this does not equate to a better product but damn its cool.  Like a few of the other extenders, being CE Certified means its made to the same or higher quality as the other brands, so don't think a lack of "proof" is evidence of ineffectiveness.

guarantee x4labsGrow Or Your Money Back Guarantee

I don't know which company offered the 6 month guarantee first, but everyone followed suite. The same "get results or your money back" guarantee applies here, in addition to a LIFETIME product warranty.  If your extender ever breaks X4 labs will replace it, no questions asked. They promise that, "Regardless of your culture, race or body type, the simple principle of traction, ensures penis enlargement results".  X4 Labs offers a free engraving service as well, which is completely unique to them. You can have your initials, or whatever you please etched into your extender before it ships to you. I think its a nice personal touch, and its worth noting that the same money back guarantee applies to engraved devices.  I think that shows some confidence in their products effectiveness, they cant be repackaging engraved products.

Comfort Straps & Patented Quad Support System

The comfort straps, this is where X4 Labs really shines bright.  They have patented a new system they call the Quad Support System.  A lot of companies started innovating and developed the 16 way comfort strap, but x4 went miles farther than anyone else and developed the 32 way comfort system. It sounds like a lot of fluff but its not.  The difference here is the option to use BOTH the silicone strap, and the noose, at the same time. Remember earlier I talked about them being enthusiastic about the "science of penis enlargement? And dedicated to their own research and development team? Instead of putting all the support and friction on just the head like all other devices, X4 Labs opted to distribute it more evenly across the head and top of the base. This means less slipping and a longer more comfortable stretch. No one else has this system, It is patented and exclusive to X4 Labs.  Its the most comfortable system in the world right now according to feedback from their customers.



Something else unique to X4 are their comfort pads. Rather than being made of soft fabric, which is adequate for this purpose, they make their comfort pads out of memory foam material.  The same material memory foam pillows are made of. This means a MUCH more comfortable experience, and absolutely no pinching or skin friction caused by lower quality materials. This memory foam, coupled with the quad support system, makes for the most comfortable stretching experience possible.

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Treating Bent Penis / Peyronie's Disease


Peyronie's Disease is a problem a lot of men experience, and it can affect your confidence level in the bedroom. Peyronie's Disease, also known as penile curvature, has been affecting men since first reported in 1743.  It is generally thought to be caused by scar tissue on one side of the penis inflicted at some time early in life or pre-life. X4 labs extender has been clinically proven to reduce the curvature in your penis by up to 99% in just 3 months of use. It works by the same principle as penis stretching, force applied over a period of time causes cells to replicate and correct the curvature over time. No special instructions are needed for this application, just use it as directed for enlargement.



Physical Packaging & Premium Options

You can choose from several different cases and packaging options, as well as personal customizations, during checkout. They have a total of five different variations of their "starter kits", which include everything you need to begin your male enhancement program. The three primary differences between these choices are the amount of tension in the resistance springs, the quality of the packaging, and the after purchase support offered.  The Deluxe edition comes with the memory foam padding, a leather wrapped case, 24k gold plated extender bars, instructional DVD set, a lifetime warranty, and a penis health exercise membership. Its a high quality product, and the packaging reflects that.

The 16-way support system is included as the default option, if you want the 32-way support (the Quad Support System I mentioned earlier) its $60 dollars more. Money well spent if you ask me, no one else can sell that patented design and the primary objective is stretching comfortably. Other options include a wider base for men with a larger than average girth, and the choice between mini or regular size. The "mini" edition is for men who have a micropenis but still want to get the 40% increase with their device.



Additional Training + Extras

Included in the educational material is a Better Sex DVD, and Penis Exercises Membership. The Penis Exercises is essential, to many people think that using the penis extender is enough. You will see growth, but if you want to see faster growth, and make sure you are sexually healthy with strong erections, you need to continue practicing the manual exercises on a semi-regular basis.  The better sex DVD is included to help you improve your overall quality of love life, it shows you how to increase stamina in bed and positions to maximize pleasure.  They are both put together very professionally, recorded professionally, and provide a lot of value.



X4 labs has been featured on many major news networks and websites as well, being number one in North America. They have a list you can read which includes; NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, and several other well known outlets.  This definitely speaks to their credibility  getting on any news network for something positive is no easy task.

Support and Motivation are the most important part of your penis enlargement program, regardless of the extender you choose to use you will need support, and to track your progress to stay on track and motivated. Its much to easy to say all you need is a product and skip the support and community offered by the X4 Labs forum, or here in our forum. Read the questions people have asked, and look at the current progress other guys have made in the time they have been using this extender.  Seeing other guys like you who have the same goals, and commitment to improving themselves, is something that you cannot put a price on.  Whatever your starting size is today, you can be up to 4 inches larger in the next 12 months. One year commitment to change your sex life and confidence level forever.


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  1. Dear, I have a penis of 5cm(2inch)in flaccid condition and I was wondering if the x4 Labs Penis Extender fit my penis because i bought last week the SizeGenetics and my penis constant slips off the device.because my penis is to small. I hope you can give me a good advice.

    Kind regards.

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